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We’d love to talk to entrepreneurs who share our mindset of doing things differently and better, in order to fulfill our core belief: We want to make the world of finance better, more sustainable and more long-term oriented.

In addition, with our own “sustainable fintech – start-up boot camp” we want to specifically reach motivated students that are looking for a challenge with a clear focus on fintech and sustainability.


At the same time, we offer our own people the opportunity to develop their ideas into real businesses. To us, intrapreneurship is a mindset, the intrinsic motivation to do things differently and better. It is a logical and almost necessary consequence of our culture.

This mindset leads to questions like: “It must be possible to do this differently?”, Why do organisations stick with something, even though it is obvious it could be done better?” This often leads to the conclusion: “Ok, then we will just do it ourselves!”

First get the right people on the bus, and the right people in the right seats. And then figure out where to drive it.

– Jim Collins


In the field of financial advice, our core business, we see many differences between countries. We expect that, due to developments such as crowdfunding, internationalization of certain business models will accelerate.
Viisi Labs is currently active in two countries; we have offices in Amsterdam and Zürich. Viisi Labs Berlin will be our next move, as we have the know-how, experience and local network to enter the German market.

Viisi Labs process

The Viisi Labs process consists of the following steps:

  • 1

    Invent & incubate

    Developing an idea and testing with existing customers. It often starts very simple. Based on real customer needs, we know that there is a market for a specific, better solution. As a result we ask: “Who believes in this theme?”, “Who wants to pick up this theme as an intrapreneur?”

  • 2

    Make it a profitable case

    After we have validated the business idea, we draft a small, internal business case to find out whether the business model is scalable. If this is the casse, it is included as a profit center into the existing financial accounts in order to definitively determine whether the business can be profitable.

  • 3

    Go & grow

    As soon as the business model works and shows strong growth, the time has come for the 'founding team' to spin out as an independent company within the Viisi Labs eco-system, where they can still ask for advice and feedback, but independently decide the company's direction.

Ready to incubate

  • Expat Mortgage advice
  • Viisi Green Mortgage
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Realtor
  • Mortgage Label

Ready to invent

  • AOV online advice
  • Wealth
  • Business insurance online
  • CO2-neutral mortgages
  • Energy saving renovation

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