Viisi Labs Amsterdam hosts the next Holacracy taster workshop on August 25

Introducing Self-organization & Holacracy®

There no longer is a single way to organize a company. In recent years new philosophies have been introduced like Lean, scrum, agile and Sociocracy. Or are known by their founder’s name like “the Spotify model” or “the Buurtzorg model”. What many of these models have in common is that they create a much more responsive way of working and by design take away a lot of the bureaucracy, politics and challenges to make decisions in large complex organizations. They each start from trusting employees to make decisions within the area of expertise they have as long as there is a mechanism or process that creates organizational alignment. So in short, forms of self-organization.

The most advanced model (at least currently) is Holacracy. Holacracy replaces the traditional management hierarchy with a new peer-to-peer “operating system” that increases transparency, accountability, and organizational agility. Through a transparent rule set and a tested meeting process, Holacracy allows businesses to distribute authority, powering all employees to take a leadership role and make meaningful decisions. Using a structure of roles and circles it hands people autonomy over work and empowers them to collectively shape the organization.

See Holacracy as an “Organizational operating system”. Just like you have on your PC. A new operating system makes a huge difference (remember shifting from Dos to Windows…). A good operating system is extremely powerful, but only gains value by installing the right apps on top of it. Similarly, Holacracy is a much more effective operating system for organizations. On which you can install or develop your own apps to make it work for your own business.

What sets Holacracy apart to other self-organization approaches is that it is a complete replacement of the current management hierarchy and doesn’t require to be designed upfront. Just like you don’t tailor the operating system on your phone. Its much more effective to focus on installing the right apps you want to use and adjust those right at the moment it is relevant.

There are many organizations working with Holacracy. Ranging from technology/ecommerce companies like, The Mobile Company, SpronQ, Web1on1 to Fintechs like Viisi and blanco to public sector with parts of the City of Amsterdam.

Get a taste of Holacracy

The purpose of this workshop is to give you a “taste” of what working the Holacracy way is like. It includes a brief introduction to Holacracy, a simulation game where you work in a Holacracy run organization and practice the Tactical and Governance meeting, and afterwards time to reflect and share insights.

The next workshop on August 25 is hosted by Viisi Labs Amsterdam.

Connection to Viisi Labs

Koen is founder of OrganizationBuilders and scale-up coach at Viisi Labs. OrganizationBuilders is a consultancy company dedicated to organizational transformation. Discovering Self-organization, implementing Holacracy, developing a dynamic strategy and solving bottlenecks throughout an organizations growth.

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